Philippa Mannagh – Your Social Media Mentor

LIKED MEDIA work with businesses to help them be known, trusted and LIKED online.

Our friendly team focus on 1-1 social media consulting, posting plans, online group mentoring via an online membership as well as Facebook workshops and corporate in-house training.

Philippa can be booked to speak at your event and is the founder of the Mums in Business – New Zealand community regularly encouraging 830+ women in a free online community.

It’s her passion to connect people, share authentic stories and work together with you to make the road a smoother and less overwhelming one.

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Are you looking for an online community to walk the business journey together? Join us for just NZ$37/month

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What they don’t tell you in biz || Part 4 ||
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It’s time to tackle the unspoken but all too common pain point… getting paid for your time.   Hands up if you have chased an invoice, sent reminders, got on the phone, sent more reminders and… crickets? At the end of the day, throwing away hard earned cash? I started my first business in the wrong way, to my admission. Maybe it didn’t help, but I knew no better than what my personality screamed at me five years ago. It … Read More

5 boundaries you need to introduce in this online world
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This is a new time. We are not used to, nor can predict what the future will hold for this online, switched on world we live in. I want to share my TOP TIPS lately because I know a lot of you struggle with what I have too. There have been times when I have felt like I was going insane behind the screen. Disconnected to the people I loved and a zombie who refreshed her screen 100 times a … Read More

What they don’t tell you in business –  Part 3
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  The come down.     This is what I call the time after an event, when a mammoth contract is finished or a speaking gig complete.  I have noticed that being self employed is like a rollercoaster. Yes, of course you say, I think we can all agree on this now. The up’s and downs are extreme and can change in any given day. After I have experienced the build up, anticipation and excitement of organising an event (especially) … Read More