Philippa Mannagh – Social Media Strategist

LIKED MEDIA work with businesses to help them be known, trusted and LIKED online.

Our friendly team focus on 1-1 social media consulting, online group mentoring via an online membership as well as Facebook workshops and corporate in-house training.

Philippa can be booked to speak at your event and is the founder of the Mums in Business – New Zealand community regularly encouraging 850+ women in a free online community.

It’s her passion to connect people, share authentic stories and work together with you to make the road a smoother and less overwhelming one.

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It’s time to unplug – there I said it!
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I know… this is funny coming from a social media manager who spends most of her time on Facebook. Over the last 6 years, I have committed myself 100% to being connected, switched on, available and non-stop social. This has resulted at times in burnout, tiredness, resentment, grumpiness, feeling that my online world was more my reality and missing life is it passed me by. Relate? I missed my friends, I missed my happy relationship with my husband, I missed playing … Read More

Relationships – do you put your partner first or last?
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  Relationships – it’s so important when you are working to not put them last on the list. We have definitely found this out the hard way, one hundred times over! We locked eyes in town at sweet 16 however, it wasn’t quite love at first sight. There is more of a story to that. It didn’t take long before the three little words were muttered shyly at a party and a down-on-one-knee proposal a few months later. Was it … Read More

Personal Branding: Step One
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|| NEW LOOK 2018 || SARAH MARSHALL PHOTOGRAPHY      We all know that personal branding has made a massive shift over the years with the introduction of sharing our stories online and the need to be at the forefront of our businesses. Customers want to read and research YOU, trusting us before they buy and building a relationship that is deeper than one conversation. I experienced this more and more over the years involved in social media leadership. Seeing … Read More