Philippa Mannagh – Social Media Strategist

LIKED MEDIA work with businesses to help them be known, trusted and LIKED online.

Our friendly team focus on 1-1 social media consulting, online group mentoring via an online membership as well as Facebook workshops and corporate in-house training.

Philippa can be booked to speak at your event and is the founder of the Mums in Business – New Zealand community regularly encouraging 850+ women in a free online community.

It’s her passion to connect people, share authentic stories and work together with you to make the road a smoother and less overwhelming one.

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New: Messenger for kids on it’s way
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What are your thought on this? Too young or handy for the digital world we live in? I have just posted a LIVE video on this topic over in the Liked Media: Mums in Business group and wanted to hear your thoughts too.   Facebook messenger for kids is coming our way and it’s a big one to think about, pros and cons of course.  This is available in the US right now, however it will be coming our way … Read More

4 tips to loosen tech’s grip over your life
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I caught myself on the phone too much this weekend. I knew I was doing it yet it had it’s grasp on me. You know when you are scrolling and you just can’t stop? I saw the kids around me, looking, waiting… “interrupting” yet I was the one zoning out and it should NOT have been my focus. It’s so not fair. I have got pretty good with my boundaries these days. Working in social media I have too. I … Read More

Falling into your child’s arms
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    Words can’t begin to describe the feeling of falling into your child’s arms. Here I rested for what felt like eternity. Collapsed from sickness, an injured knee and 21kms running and walking in the pouring rain. I had made it. She ran along the finish line with me, clasping her cardboard sign drenched from the wet weather. There was no way she was going to stay home in the dry with the others today. She was there at … Read More