5 boundaries you need to introduce in this online world

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This is a new time.

We are not used to, nor can predict what the future will hold for this online, switched on world we live in.

I want to share my TOP TIPS lately because I know a lot of you struggle with what I have too. There have been times when I have felt like I was going insane behind the screen. Disconnected to the people I loved and a zombie who refreshed her screen 100 times a day. What is happening to us? It’s been my driver lately to banish some bad habits and I wanted to inspire you to do the same or at least look into what isn’t working in your world.


1.) Electronics in the bedroom. Both husband and I are trying REALLY HARD to make a habit of this rule! It’s super hard, but I can feel how unhealthy it is as I sit there typing and he looks through his phone. It can’t be good, both for your eyes, brain before bed but also our real life relationships. Our set rule now is, only phones for alarm clocks.

2.) Clear opening hours and automatic messages. When we are working online so much, it’s easy to think we need to be available 24/7 AND WE DON’T! I fell for this for many years and it didn’t end up pretty. Set your available times and stick to them. Set up automatic messages so if it’s outside of your availability people get an instant response and you feel like there is a line between you and the customer.

3.) Weekends free! A while ago I looked at the weeks I wanted to create. How did they look? I worked for everyone else except myself and I had gone into business to create my own rules. Too many weekends were wasted on the laptop and my children were missing out, so I made the rule to close it off and enjoy the moments. Of course, on a launch week this may have to be flexible but 80% of the time, it is family time. I will post a pick to encourage others to do the same and then I am there for my kids, no makeup and all…

4.) Email restrictions. This has been my latest move! All day, I would check emails and it would interrupt my workflow terribly. Now, I clear my mail between 11:30 and 12:30 everyday and I have an automatic message to tell clients set up too. Key word = batching, people will call you if it’s urgent.

5.) Content before an early lunch. Number four allows this to happen. I am my most creative first thing in the morning so without the distraction of email requests, I get my content out first THEN get stuck into others requests. Use your most creative time to produce your content for the week, then work on your clients accounts….. THEN check endless emails.


“Love yourself enough to set boundaries.”



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