What they don’t tell you in business –  Part 3

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The come down.



This is what I call the time after an event, when a mammoth contract is finished or a speaking gig complete.  I have noticed that being self employed is like a rollercoaster. Yes, of course you say, I think we can all agree on this now. The up’s and downs are extreme and can change in any given day. After I have experienced the build up, anticipation and excitement of organising an event (especially) I have now noted this pattern.


How many of you can relate?


Let’s do this!

…fear and doubt…

Let’s do it anyway, it will be rad!

What if no one comes?

What if I fail at this?

Who cares.

100% in.

Panic, where do I start?

Flow… ok all is under control


No, don’t relax!

We need to hustle!

Looking good…

Panic again, are we going to make numbers?

We need more help!

All good.


So many tickets bought, this is going to ROCK

What am I going to wear?

Where is my money left over to buy a dress.


I will think of that later (last)

It’s all falling into place!

What have we forgotten?



Excitement again.

Who is coming again? Let’s have another check.

Yay lots of people I know.


Build up….


It’s this week!!!!!

Last minute panic!

Something has gone wrong.


Proud – what a great team we have.

Feeling supported.

Butterflies… it’s tonight.


Hope nothing goes wrong now.

….. OMG the dress!

Scrapes left over funds together…

This will do.

Let’s do this!

No looking back.

Whatever will be will be.


Last minute run around while guests are arriving.

Ok, chill.

Is everyone happy?

Hope so.

They look happy.

What if they are not happy?

Let it go, enjoy the night.


We did it!

Adrenaline – look at the photos!

Share, share, share….

I look tired.


Oh, it’s over.

Lot’s of energy used.



I know this is coming.

Normal, normal.


Ok, give me a couple of days.


Here I come, feeling positive.

I’m back!

That was fun!


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