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It’s a busy spot at my house this morning as I sit at the table, dressing gown across my legs and hot coffee in hand. While the fibre team are installing their magic and the lawns are being cut, I am on a mission to finish my assignment to conclude my adult teaching course and send you out my latest news!



It’s funny in life and especially as an entrepreneur, there will always be times where new opportunities pop up. I have found myself weighing up, investigating, toying with ideas and wondering often if I was making the right decision. Sometimes we will never know this until later but what is life without knowing? And on the flip side, there have been times when it was best to stay focused on what I was currently doing and not be sidetracked into other opportunities. Over the last couple of months, I have had a few different options placed in front of me to consider. All quite different and each would have taken me down different tracks. It’s been a time for me to re-evaluate, research, dream and address the here and now to make some gorgeous choices for our family over the next few years.



It’s been 12 years since I worked in an office… for other people. Once Madison was born I left the paper and enjoyed staying at home while the first two kids were little and dependant on me. We enjoyed long days, play, walks and adventures. Sure times were very tough on one wage however I would not change this time for the world. When Master second born started school, I delved into the world of full time business ownership. I spent sleepless nights filled with passion, excitement and drive throwing myself into social media and Facebook for Business. My choice was to make a career around my children’s young school years and just as well as BOOM third child arrived to our surprise! Bless the little present. For a few more years, I was able to watch another infant grow, hold onto the days a little longer and work part time in the business.


Full circle, Liked Media became a once again bustling 40-hour full time business (who is kidding, working for yourself is often more like 60 hours per week, pretending it is 20!) when kindy started. I had to focus on creating boundaries, switching screens off and becoming more disciplined than before, to be available for everyone in my family. Not long ago, another opportunity came up in the media industry here in Northland. Again, it was something I had to think hard about and weigh up what lifestyle we were wanting to invite into our worlds right now. Times and seasons, times and seasons. I had butterflies in my tummy from the first conversation… a feeling of confirmation and excitement about the possibilities ahead as the meetings went on.



This leads me to sharing with you that I am now the new employee at MediaWorks Northland! This girl is moving to radio land and incorporating my social media knowledge along the way to also assist their fabulous clients. The role is a mix of all things I love, the team there are fabulous and I am over the moon!


What does this mean for Liked Media?

Well I am lucky enough to have the best of both worlds planned out, so there will only be a few changes for my clients / future clients.  For a while here, the main services i’ve been focusing on, have been the online VIP group membership for women in business and my 1:1 social media consulting for businesses.


  • There will be zero change to the VIP group. In fact, our precious space has really taken off lately and fills such a beautiful gap for women in business. Experts have been lined up for the year ahead, and I will be popping in via a live each week. This will be my main space of regular focus to teach and mentor others.


  • The 1:1 consultations with me will be where the change may be found a little. I will be taking these online via zoom.us again, sticking to 60 minutes and the waiting list may be a bit longer. I will take on one training client per week for now (unlike four next week) and the time slots will be either late afternoons or evening. 


  • The Facebook basics workshops will be recorded along with PDF print outs and loaded onto my website for a discounted price – something that has been requested often, so I am finally doing it!


  • Speaking gigs on Facebook for Business can still be booked / arranged and if days and times work out then not a problem – just try me. I am excited to be speaking to the marketing department at Northland Polytechnic next week and Stacey’s 13 event, chatting on social media for tweenagers.


  • The Mums in Business Group will also keep ticking along online. Our traditional networking meetings will take a small break however. Every now and again a coffee or mums night out will be planned to get together in real life and catch up socially. Keep inviting your MIB friends for an online space to support, learn and grow together.


Another blog in itself…….

Sarah Marshall Photography


What are my plans as I transition into a J.O.B again and prepare myself for forced lunch breaks, paid leave and kiwisaver contributions? *cough, heaven*


Well… I made a plan for the next 2-3 weeks and it’s been super fun.

  • Kids were prepped on new chore expectations, roster up!
  • We have been practising getting up earlier as a team, cooking dinners in advance and finding the backup we need to work this ideally, ie. a part time school holiday nanny.
  • The other things I wanted to do were to take two days (at least) out for me. Switch off phone and get my hair, nails, brows done before I hit a shared office. These back to back ME days also involve organising lunch with friends and a bit of office wear shopping.
  • Of course, I will also be seeing Darlene for a relax massage too.
  • I have one morning booked out to take the kids to the appointments they need away from school ie. vaccinations and eye tests… and a long lunch break with my husband.
  • Three super exciting Willow days planned over the next month.
  • Grab One prompted me to buy cheap tickets to Rainbows End for a fun day out with the family to celebrate Mums new day job – something that the kids have wanted to do FOR AGES!
  • I have organised a deep home cleaning day
  • A weekday trip to the grandparents and….
  • A walk to the beach (by myself) for a few hours to 100% take in the turning of another chapter.


How cool is this list!? Of course, these are ALL highlighted in the diary and booked in advance to make them happen – this is the key… or they just wouldn’t.


The internet yells about “leaving your day job to be the new internet sensation!” what about the opportunities when you get to go the other way around…. and still do what you love? How about them apples? If you are interested in a blog on returning to the workforce and running a part-time business on the side – then let me know (I have talked to many who are making the same transitions right now) 




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