Is this the new Instagram?

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This billionaire wants you to sign up to his social network — is this the new Instagram?


Another social media platform? Is it time to jump or wait and see? These are my thoughts so far from the information that I have sourced. First thought, it looks really cool. One could easily get swept into something new, exciting and full of clutter-free promise. No ads, a chronological timeline (cool!) and more precise ways of controlling friends and different content.

Second thought, do we really need another place to manage our lives online and how long will this last?

The Daily Mail notes that this platform is raising in popularity and influencers are flocking to Vero, which is part of the funding plan. Vero has spent a lot of money on these influencers to get the masses onboard, so I can tell.   

A bit of history, Vero was created in 2005 and is still in beta phase. Therefore, feedback is that it’s still clunky and have been experiencing server issues and lots of frustration. To avoid advertising funding the platform like Facebook and Twitter do through paid ads, Vero is funded by the founder, billionaire businessman, Ayman Hariri who became annoyed with the existing social networks.

It will also be paid for via subscription eventually, around the price of a couple of cups of coffee a year. It won’t always be free to use after the first million users are signed up.  

In summary, I wonder if we are under a false promise of this platform being the “answer” and the problem solver to social media. It’s more complicated than this. It’s free, for now, so that is great (however the others are free forever) and it sounds like it will be easier to find posts and interact with who you want. Great if you are a social influencer and want to share your day to day life with others without the ‘media’ aspect to social media.

So really think about how this will serve you and your time. It may be fantastic for personal social sharing, like back when Bebo was cool, however for business… I wonder what the advantages will be seen as we are all discussing this off Vero and this is not the focus here.

I’m interested to watch this space, on their Facebook page for now… but yes I am signing up for free while I can, just in case. This way I will know more. 

I figure I can cancel later if I choose too, because right now, I am all about only being where I need to be (personally and where my clients hang out) and taking precious time back in our everyday lives. 


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