Why nature needs to be incorporated into your biz routine

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One element to life that we can rely on to bring us down to earth and renew our soul is the outdoors.


In this connected life we lead, many are disconnected from the world itself. The smells, feeling, noises and the visual perfection around us that can fill our cup. When was the last time you star gazed? Planted your feet on the grass? Walked the beachside with no care in the world? 

Often, as human beings we are too busy. We miss opportunities and our attention span does not allow us the patience anymore. There is a feeling of rush, necessity and missing out that we need to quieten and put into the back seat.

This is habit breaking and prioritising, also starting small.

For example.

I find the bush healing, it grounds me, so after struggling to commit to walking a popular loop in town around the waterfront each week and finding this a chore, I linked a new habit to something that makes me happy. Not only am I exercising on this day (that is clearly marked out in the diary) I am also finding my quiet for the week, switching off and allowing the space that I need to be a better Mother, wife, friend throughout the month.

Bush walks force me to look around and notice, notice the small things again. The cicadas, dewy leafs, crunch under foot, the colours, the strength that nature holds around us.


I never check my phone on these walks, unless I take a quick photo of the beauty surrounding me. I truly believe that each week, this one walk just for me keeps me on track.

What do you do each week to re-connect?

Or, what is one simple habit you could introduce to your week to give yourself some healthy reminders? Maybe a walk along a beach, sitting under a tree for 10 minutes a day? Running a local track at the end of a busy week?


I would love to hear your thoughts in the social media detox challenge group >>>


“Of all the paths you take in life make sure a few of those are dirt.”

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