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Philippa Mannagh’s idea to dive into the world of social media management birthed from a quiet night in with the hubby, noticing then trends in America and a passion to network with people and other businesses online from the comfort of her own family home.

Her desire to connect women in business through story-telling, social media and networking drove her everyday mum-juggle to a freedom lifestyle that would ensure she could be at the sidelines of school sports days and even work from the beach when desired.

Four years later, she now works with companies, local business, individuals and organisations to better themselves online and to help them to find their voice. “It’s an overwhelming place to hang out in social media. My main focus is to equip people with the practical tools to get it done without the overwhelm factor through management on behalf, workshops, coaching and training.”

By openly sharing her own business journey and struggles along the way with others, Philippa has discovered the power of online support networks and Facebook groups to be key. Building your tribe (aka your cheerleaders) along the way she says, is crucial and this is an important step that many jump past.

Philippa’s business today was built purely from her Facebook Business Page and her then, three fellow Mums in Business chatting around her coffee table multiplied quickly into a community of over 550 online women eager to support each other through this busy time of their lives, finding more flexibility and permission to have the best of both worlds.

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