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So many women I came across used to tell me that they felt so alone running their businesses solo, I for one sure did!

If they were working for a company, they also missed the community of other women in business to talk to. For many, the overwhelm of social media was too much and they didn’t know where to start.

I listened to a big need out there that it was tricky to know who to ask, which professional to pay for advice and where to go for ongoing business support all in one place… a safe place.

After running my ‘heart hobby’ for a couple of years – the Mums in Business Support Group, I was getting a lot of queries about where to go next. Some of you were ready to step up even more, you could feel the pull to rise higher and make a difference in the community.

To be seen.

This is when I stepped out in faith and set up the Liked Media VIP area.

A nationwide membership area for these women (not only mums) to work from, challenge each other, tap into experts across the board, actively network, learn social media tips and gain confidence together while making these next steps.

There is a unique feeling to this group, it is beautiful.

It is made up of genuine respect for each others journeys, lower numbers, affordability, active leads, new ideas, virtual high fives and live meet ups or calls.

Each month is different and access to all the info is available via the search tool.

The members also enjoy perks like discounted event prices, leads for stories, guest blog spots, extra promo and top of my radar for ideas and connections as we go along.

If this sounds like the place you need to be hanging out in 2017 then send me a message.

Next year will be bigger and better than ever, more topics, more experts, more challenges and lots of suprises.

Join us now to get to know the group! Here is the link, you won’t regret it.

Set up your monthly payment here: then ask to join the group through this link:  Introduce me the ladies!



“I was hesitant to join the VIP group at first – I felt like being in the MiB group was enough, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend more money joining the group. Philippa put my mind at rest by explaining that I could leave whenever I felt it was no longer providing me with what I needed.
Turns out it’s been a really great investment.
Running a business by yourself from home can get rather lonely. The VIP members are so supportive, be it on online, or in person. The group makes me feel valued. It makes me take action. And doesn’t judge if I don’t!
It also gives me a chance to showcase my products and services. As a group I think we are all quite passionate about helping the other members to succeed at their business, whatever it is. It gives me a warm fuzzy when I see Floatzone or BLANTs NZ has been given a mention or a plug by someone in the VIP group. And that wee psychological boost has helped get me through some tough days. As well as, let’s be fair, getting my business name out to more potential customers.
Philippa leads the group with passion, humour, integrity and understanding. The monthly meetings are a highlight. Being child-friendly, and always with an element of fun and humour is what sets them apart from other networking groups. I would say, whatever business you’re in, you will get something out of the VIP group. Come and give it a go!”

Dionne – Floatzone




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