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What are your thought on this?

Messenger Kids Intro

Posted by Facebook on Thursday, 30 November 2017

Too young or handy for the digital world we live in?
I have just posted a LIVE video on this topic over in the Liked Media: Mums in Business group and wanted to hear your thoughts too.
Facebook messenger for kids is coming our way and it’s a big one to think about, pros and cons of course. 
This is available in the US right now, however it will be coming our way soon. Kids don’t need to be the legal age of 13 to sign onto Facebook as this is a stand alone app.
Basically, you sign the child up through your Facebook account and are in charge of the permissions.
There is a focus on safety here to video chat and message friends and family that have been approved by the adult.
Here they can use masks, age appropriate GIF’s, frames, stickers and drawing tools.
My personal worries are known to many. My eldest kids are aged 10 and 9 so we are on the edge of all these choices. So far, we pull them back from too much technology, trying desperately to help them be kids outside for longer… often not an easy task, but we try.
Working in social media, I see (everyday) the addictions, overwhelm and time wastage that even the adults experience. I use it for a tool to grow business, connect with workplaces and teach the balance of online and offline. Since I am on it every week day, my focus is to keep my kids at arms length until I can’t fight the battle anymore and they have the right then to choose.
There is a danger here in prepping them early for the world that is Facebook and so by the time they are 13 they are all set to go and know their way around.
We currently use skype to chat to friends and family and it’s working for us… right now.
I am interested though, as there are also good point to be had – are you excited that messenger for kids is on the radar or would you prefer to stay clear?
Pip x

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