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Name: Lysa Black

Business: Heart Magic Ltd.

Role: Heart Healer (offering emotional healing)





How long have you been going?

I’ve been in business for 8 years, originally starting out with a girlfriend and then parting ways to direct the business solo from 2 years ago.


What gets you up in the morning?

The chance to touch someone’s life and make a difference!
Most memorable moment in your business so far?

Releasing my first book on Valentines Day at a gorgeous venue with 25 beautiful women all enjoying High Tea together!


Fav part of the job/ not so fav?

Fav part is hearing back from clients about the miraculous shifts and magical confirmation of their healing. Not so fav is data entry… snore! I have delegated all but the most sensitive elements – I pop music on to dance my way through the rest!


Your advice to business owners you wished you knew at the start?

Trust yourself! Nobody knows the best way forward outside of you. Trust your guidance and take a step in any direction you feel to, no matter what you’ll win some or learn some!


A top tip you’d like to share:

Being consistently honest, transparent and reliable online and offline is huge! Bringing high integrity is essential to establishing trust -The more consistent and reliable we are the easier it is for others to trust in us and depend on our character to deliver our word! I believe that’s what makes for sustainable business.


Where would you like to be in two years?

The Author of 3 books, leader of magical transformation women’s circles & internationally renown teacher offering healing guidance for gifted hearts.


Fave quote?

“What you seek is seeking you” – Rumi


Best thing about being a Liked Media VIP member?

Being a part of a diverse loving community that cheers, supports and lifts others! The love that emanates form every post is palpable!




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