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The story of this life…

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Behind the scenes








When Sarah suggested coming to our house right on dinner time, I have to admit, my stomach turned inside out at the thought. You see, 5 PM between the four walls of our home can quickly accelerate into World War Two. Combining a hungry toddler these days, squabbling siblings and a barking dog it is always the part of the day that I like to soon forget… not capture on film.

It was a special day in our house and the excitement was running high. I wondered what on earth Sarah may catch and I did give the room a quick look over as she walked through the door, noticing that I hadn’t ever straightened all the things I had wanted too.

Life is not straight and our memories need to be real ones.

We chatted and laughed for a while as she made all three kids feel special in their own way, visiting their rooms, looking at their favourite toys and successfully pulling off the “friend with the camera in the background” approach, well enough for them to forget and act themselves.

Dinner was served, and we went on to eat cake.

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!”

So far, I didn’t notice what could have been captured through her trained eye. I saw spills. I saw the computer going; I saw a snotty nosed birthday girl and the piles of clothes in the corner of the room.

Life sweeps through so quickly for each of us that we miss these precious moments and they receive no glory for being the everyday parts of life.

However, this is the gold. The right here, right now. The family unit, the way that we all interact and love each other as chaotic as it can be.

These behind the scenes everyday life interactions are soon lost.

Every new stage I find myself reminiscing at times about the way things were. One door closes and another opens, and it will never be quite the same again. Life can be too busy to write details in Plunket books, to acknowledge the little moments and to stop to smell the pages of that chapter.

When we received our family photos, they brought tears to my eyes. I could feel the atmosphere, the dynamics and the love. They showed me that no matter how crazy you think you are, how dysfunctional life can be with three kids and a loyal dog that the mental dinner rush is more like a beautiful part of family life but is often buried in busyness, forever.

This is life; this is us. In all our rawness, our daily chaos and through the more challenging times.

They will be sorely missed when the walls of this home are sadly quiet once more.


We just had to be reminded through a professional’s lens.



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