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I had the most amazing experience at the 2017 New Zealand Social Media Conference.

So very honoured to be a guest speaker, I wanted to share something with you.





You never know who

will be inspired by your story.


I found this out again, as I spoke to a room of strangers. I chose to be venerable, to walk the talk and set the example that we need to be authentic online. We need to share who we are and our background in order to help others. It’s a big step to stand before a crowd and tell them you suffered anxiety, emergency trips to the hospital when your body shut down and a doubt that you were good enough in business. There were times when a member in our online community was ready to kill themselves and the support around them pulled them through.

When having a press photo taken and finding weetbix down your trousers or when (the business turning point) your baby does a loud fart from behind the couch during a business meeting #weareallhuman

You will have to request the link to hear more on this.

We talked honestly, openly and on the same page in the room. Expectations lowered and a feeling created of being YOURSELF online and in business.

Practical, shared stories and advice.


Although a lot of my talk related to my Mums in Business journey and the moments that my business changed and grew, when I opened up online to my followers…

It was a single young man who had the most to say.

Approaching me toward the end, we spoke about my topic.

He gave me feedback that BLEW me away and that I will treasure forever. I may not be a keynote (yet) I may initially doubt myself about how open I am being at first. I may think sometimes that my story or advice if falling on deaf ears or unimportant… but today I knew it wasn’t. It mattered to him.

If you can touch just ONE person in the room, you have made a heartfelt mark and it’s a success.

This young man has also inspired me to step put in a way that I wouldn’t have before our meeting.


Watch this space…




“Even if helped just one person, you’ve helped the whole community.

It’s just like a ripple in a pond.”

-Billie Johnson 

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